Ginseng Fruit Nourishing Silk Mask

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Ginseng Fruit Nourishing Silk Mask applies fruit extract directly on the skin. This mask will nourish dry skin, removes unhealthy luster.

Applies for all skin types.

Ginseng is believed to restore and enhance wellbeing. Ginseng Increased skin energy. Can help firm and tighten your look. Great for sensitive and oily skin: Ginseng helps to counteract dryness, and because of its properties, it can help with oily skin as well as sensitive skin. It has a natural ability to balance oils.

Apply mask any time that suits you better. Applying the mask in the morning will ensure fresh look during the day.

Applying mask before sleep will relax the skin, cure of dust of the streets, whiten after a rough sun, prevent wrinkles and pigmentation.

Applying mask before putting on make-up will make skin look shiny and improve makeup texture and duration it lasts. Good choice for a party.

How to apply: wash face, dry with a soft towel, open the mask and put on the face in the way that slits for eyes and mouth match them. Leave for 15-30 minutes, remove the mask, let the liquid stay on your face.

The liquid left in the pack apply on the neck and hands any part of the body that needs retreatment.

For the better effect cool mask in the fridge before applying.How to apply mask

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