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Almost all girls love French manicure. It is versatile and suitable for any event. It is called a classic.

The French manicure first appeared and gained popularity in the 70s of the last century. In the classic version, the French manicure looked like this:

These were shortly clipped or slightly elongated nails. The base coat was pale pink in color, and white strokes were made at the edges. This creates the effect of maximum naturalness. In this case, the nails look neat and tidy.

Sometimes girls used this option now. However, starting from the 21st century, the situation in manicure is changing. Women begin to experiment with the color of a French manicure, change the shape and length of the nails, add rhinestones and sparkles.

Modern French manicure

Types of modern French manicure

Today, there are several varieties of French manicure.

1. Brilliant French manicure or French millennium

This type of French manicure is the most elegant and brilliant. To create it, use shiny, shimmering varnishes or sparkles.

2. Color manicure

instead of the usual white color, the masters use a polish of any other color and cover the tip of the nail, for example, with red or black polish. Often, in this form of manicure combine several colors.