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Nail Art Kit | Nail Art | Nail Art Stickers | Plaid Nail Stickers

One of the safest types of manicure is the use of nail stickers. Their diverse designs and original designs will make your fingers a work of art.

It is stickers on nail plates with an adhesive layer on one side and a pattern on the other. The surface of the picture is glossy, smooth, completely imitates a varnish coating.

Nail stickers complement the function of the nails. You buy them in pre-cut sizes that cover the entire nail. They are also in the form of stickers or applications that add a drawing and design to your existing look of the nail.

Let's look at how good nail stickers are and whether they can compete with familiar nail polish. has compiled for you a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of nail stickers. Click here for a detailed description of each product. Experiment and create with!


1. Professional look. One of the main advantages of nail stickers is that your nails will always look as if you have just returned from a professional salon. The sticker fits easily and evenly on the nail, holds well and looks beautiful every day.

2. This type of manicure is much faster than usual. Now you do not need to wait for hours when the varnish dries. You just stick it on the nail plate and continue your homework.

3. They can be glued not only to the cleaned nail plate, but also to any other coating. If suddenly you are tired of the design with gel polish, you can change it with a sticker. It is perfectly compatible with regular varnish, gel, acrylic, which significantly saves you time.

4. Advantage in color. It does not fade from exposure to light and water. The pattern on the sticker is not erased, it remains clear and bright even after several days of application.

5. Stickers additionally protect nails from damage, create an additional barrier to external influences. So they not only decorate nails, but also protect them from dryness, chips, scratches.

6. Your nails do not encounter chemical attack as with a normal coating. They do not turn yellow, as any varnish of an intense shade does. This further favors nail stickers.


1. A new design appeared in your head, but suddenly there was no sticker of the right color? This is a typical problem when choosing stickers. No matter how diverse the collection, drawings are still limited.

2. Stickers are not sold in all nail stores and salons. Unfortunately, the popularity of stickers has not yet come to this, so you will have to chase the right design.

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3. They cannot be purchased for future use as varnish. Fashion as a mood is changing rapidly and a completely new design may become uninteresting and unpopular in a month.

4. Allergy to latex. If you have this problem, it will be difficult to find the stickers for yourself. Beauticians do not recommend using stickers in this case.

So, we talked about the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of nail design. It is fast and practical. The choice is yours! will always tell you the best solution.