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Face Mask | Honey Face Pack | Best Face mask

Facial skin needs the most careful care and attention. Since ancient times, women have used face masks to improve the beauty of their skin. Without careful nutrition, moisturizing and cleansing, it will be difficult for the skin to resist external influences.

To avoid unpleasant consequences for the skin, has prepared for you a detailed guide on the selection and use of face masks. A link is attached to each type of mask, where its detailed description and price are indicated.

With us, your skin will shine with freshness and purity. Choose an option that is closer to your skin type.

Nine types of masks for any skin type from

1. Wild vegetable hydrating facial mask

The use of a vegetable nourishing face mask reduces skin fatigue. This mask will make the skin smoother and radiant, it also cleanses the skin well. The product contains only natural substances.

2. Honey smoothing facial mask

This option consists of eco-friendly cotton leaves containing healthy honey extracts. They help moisturize and restore your skin after a hard day.

3. Moisturizing repairing facial mask

The most natural extracts of vegetables will give your skin real health and firmness. Using a vegetable nutrition mask also reduces skin fatigue, makes the skin smoother and brighter.

4. Honey facial mask

The second option is a face mask using natural honey. The components that make up the product will help the skin get the necessary hydration, it is especially important to use it in the hot summer.

5. Black mask

This is a real bestseller worldwide. This mask is so effective that it does not need advertising. You must have heard about it more than once. It's time to try it for yourself! It is a nourishing and firming mask. It intensely nourishes and increases the elasticity of your skin.

6. Seabuckthorn fruit nourishing silk mask

This face mask is designed to actively nourish and restore tired skin. The active ingredients of maxi tone and revitalize the skin, nourish and awaken the natural protective mechanisms of skin cells. The skin becomes radiant, soft and gets a healthy look.

7. Ginseng fruit nourishing silk mask

A nourishing mask with ginseng extract applies fruit extract directly to the skin. It nourishes dry skin, removes unhealthy shine, gives a fresh and healthy appearance.

8. Litchi fruit skin mask

Silk mask with lychee extract will make your skin soft. It uses plant energy and nutrients to improve the beauty of the skin. The skin will become soft and smooth.

9. Grapefruit nourishing silk mask

A nourishing mask with grapefruit will give your code a feeling of true freshness. It applies fruit extract directly to your skin. This mask cleanses the pores of the skin and maintains the correct water balance.