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  1. Fashionable style Indian costume Salwar Stylist tips

    The traditional fashions of contemporary European designers have tightly entered the lives of Indian women. At the same time, fashionistas managed to maintain the originality and beauty of Indian color, bring bright colors and accessories to ordinary everyday clothes.
  2. Nail stickers: pros and cons

    One of the safest types of manicure is the use of nail stickers. Their diverse designs and original designs will make your fingers a work of art. It is stickers on nail plates with an adhesive layer on one side and a pattern on the other.
  3. What is French Manicure?

    Almost all girls love French manicure. It is versatile and suitable for any event. It is called a classic.

    The festive style has a few staples. A fabulous outfit, some awesome makeup, and heels that won’t trouble your feet even if party long into the night. Scroll on for the best nail polish ideas for the festival— there's nothing wrong with giving a polished flick in the right direction.
  5. How to choose a face mask? Secrets of choice

    Facial skin needs the most careful care and attention. Since ancient times, women have used face masks to improve the beauty of their skin. Without careful nutrition, moisturizing and cleansing, it will be difficult for the skin to resist external influences.
  6. Top 7 most trusted online accessories websites in India

    Looking for a trustworthy place to shop for makeup and skincare products? or you are looking for accessories? The gift for your cousin. These are many websites that you can buy beauty products and shiny accessories online in India
  7. Monsoon makeup-these tips and tricks will save your makeup from the big rain

    Heat, humidity, and rain; all put together are going to wreak havoc on your hair and skin. YAH!!! It's the monsoons season
  8. How to choose earrings according to your face

    Have you ever heard about why choosing the right haircut or glasses for your face shape is important? So as earrings, to further maximize your unique face with the perfect earrings.
  9. How to Make Thin Lips Look Full and Lush

    Girls always want to add some extra oomph to her pout. Well, guess what...You don't need to spend an hour on your makeup.
  10. The Cheapest And Easiest Way To Clean Your makeup brush

    Do you know that makeup brushes should be taken care of to maintain their condition and to get out of the bacteria? Imagine we are rushing out or simply forget to take the time to clean our makeup brushes and the foundation brush, eyebrow brush, facial brush come in contact with many things; for example, going in your makeup bag, touching,